I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington.  Growing up in the Pacific Northwest my visual aesthetic was groomed daily by the conducive environment.  It’s no wonder my favorite color palette is blue, green, and gray.   As a young kid I wanted to document my life with photos. Writing was hard - my hand would hurt after half a page, ha. Over the years photography has become my journal of choice - seeing a single photo can trigger countless vivid memories. 

I graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a degree in Communications and Business.  Right out of college I accepted a job with NBC, working as the Music Coordinator at The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien in Los Angeles, California. During this time I also started shooting professionally. However, with an undying itch to travel the world and meet all walks of life, I shifted gears and accepted a job as the Assistant Tour Manager for Jack White. Subsequently I spent the next several years traveling all over the world with artists/bands such as Beck, Jack White, Foster the People, The Head and The Heart, and Death Cab for Cutie. Throughout my years of touring - photography remains to be my cherished journal for all my experiences and relationships.  In between tours I continued to shoot Maternity/Births, Boudoir, Weddings, Engagements, and Personal Projects, etc. I love to shoot film and polaroid along with digital, capturing that decisive real, warm, heart felt moment.  

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BOUDOIRS by Molly.

Women are amazing and strong. Our bodies are the most impressive. After shooting a lot of boudoir and maternity sessions, I can say the capabilities of a female body never cease to blow my mind. It’s phenomenal really. Boudoirs sessions are some of my favorite. Why? Because all women should reserve the right to feel sexy, wear beautiful lingerie, and have their picture taken. My boudoir sessions are always tasteful and smoking hot, of course. The images will be intimate, feminine, mature, and natural. I mean this when I say it, its an honor to be given the opportunity to photograph a woman who is proud, and confident in her own skin. Boudoirs sessions are a gift we give ourselves as women, however husbands or partners will also LOVE them!



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